Woah. I’m Drunk…

I am sure that most of us have reached this point, whilst being on the internet after a night out, that they have thought the above blog title. If you haven’t, either you’ve never come online drunk, you never get drunk, or you have incredible self restraint when you are drunk so that you do not feel the need to express it to people you barely know.

Anyways, I am clearly at the express it to everyone stage, but unfortunately I am also at the ‘drunk but doesn’t really have anything interesting to say well does have something interesting to say but cannot formulate it in a fashion worthy of their usual awesome literary skillz’ stage. I have lots of awesome ideas in my head, that over the past few weeks I have come close to writing. Unfortunately proper work or drunken nights have gotten in the way of my scribing them. But hey, bear with me, I can be very interesting.

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One Response to Woah. I’m Drunk…

  1. Kris Camden says:

    You are surprisingly eloquent for a drunkard, Tuffster! xx

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