What’s a good book to keep in the loo?

I finished all the interesting bits of the one I’ve got in there (an Encyclopaedia of Cult Children’s TV if you’ve never been in my loo) about a month ago. I want a new one. Kate Fox, author of my previous loo book Watching the English, once said something along the lines of ‘some english males even find it virtually impossible to defecate without some form of reading material, even resorting to reading the backs of shampoo bottles.’

I know I’ve done that. And the backs of loo roll packets. The backs of loo roll packets aren’t really very interesting unless you care for approximate knowledge of the size and amount of sheets contained within. This one time I even tried to read a tube of toothpaste that I’m pretty sure was in Polish.

I tried googling stuff like ‘good books to keep in the loo’ but haven’t been getting very good results. I mean, Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’? Or the kamasutra? Surely reading the kamasutra on the loo would make you think about sex. While you were shitting. Wouldn’t that run the risk of creating an association in your brain with sex and shitting?

So if anyone reading this can think of a decent book for me to get to put in the loo let me know. Obviously something that’s easy to dip in and out of. Humour stuff is good obviously but interesting stuff is best.

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One Response to What’s a good book to keep in the loo?

  1. emskialex says:

    I’ve subscribed to your blog! Yayyy
    I can’t think of a good pour le toilet. Maybe a joke book?

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