So I fucked up my finances

Or rather miscalculated. And now I’m poor. Not a bit poor. Not hard up. Poor. Wipe your arse with newspaper poor. You see I assumed that as I was repeating first year due to ill health and still paying for first year TWICE that the University would still give me my bursary for coming from a ‘low income background’ twice. How foolish of me to assume that.

So I come back, get my next student loan, WOO PARTY IT’S OK I HAVE MY BURSARY COMING SOON! Bam, not getting one. So I’m a grand out what I thought I would be having. This means that once I pay a deposit on somewhere to live next year I have the grand total of about £200 to last me until May 3rd.


I’m going to try and appeal the fact I’m not getting the bursary cause it’s not like I’m repeating first year due to abject laziness and couldn’t give a fuckness and total failureness. I went on a leave of absence on medical grounds. But I am not holding out any hope of getting anything whatsoever.

Instead I am going to enjoy being the poorest I have ever been since the age of 17. And I’m going to hate my 17 year old self for wasting so much money from my part time job. And my 18/19/20/21 year old selves likewise. I hate those selves leaving 22 year old me with no cushion of savings to deal with this shit. (Although to be fair, 22 year old me was the one that spent most of his savings on a plane ticket to Australia but shhh)

I have spent £85 of my £200 on a massive Tesco shop which should last me til the easter holidays. I say should, I mean HAS TO. A further £70 odd will have to be set aside for the next three months phone bills. This leaves me with £45. To last til May 3rd. Seriously, if anyone who owes me any money is reading this, now is the best time ever to pay me back!

So I’m just going to have to be a hermit and stay in my room doing free things. I’ve joined the library so over the next few months aim to read a fair number of books from 1001 books to read before you die. I own around 200 films, 30-50 of which I’ve never even watched so I can get that done. I can erm update my blog more often with fun information about being poor and exciting things to do with no money. Hopefully I’ll find some… And there’s also always streaming tv shows online.

And hey, maybe I’ll even study more and get myself a first for this semester! I’m sure I will have an awesome time.

PS That essay I was stressing out about a few posts ago? I got a 68. Go me. Which could easily have been 70 odd but on one of my sections I just couldn’t be arsed to go find some references cause it was 5am. *leaving work til the last minute and still passing high five!*

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