I’m voluntarily listening to Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ repeatedly

Because that’s the kind of mood I’m in.

I found a cure for emo hangovers! Good exam results! So now in future whenever I want to go drinking I will just have to sit a bunch of exams three weeks before hand. I think it is a foolproof plan.

That aside I am very happy with my results. I thought I would scrape a pass at best in social divisions, but nope I managed a comfortable 2.2. GEO112 I failed but I always knew I would, I wrote half a page on gentrification and one sentence defining social divisions then sat there until the minimum required stay of 40 minutes had passed. I missed so many of those lectures and did no reading during the term but now I have the summer to read up on that shit. I was also very kindly put in as not assessed due to my other good results showing that I actually want to study now or something.

Yeah other results were high 2.1s apart from statistics where I scraped a first. A FIRST! That one really shocked me as it was 50% marks for multiple choice and 50% marks for answering your choice of 2 questions at the end but I accidently only left myself enough time to answer 1 of those 2 questions. I must have answered it pretty damn well.

All that when I only went to about 35% of my lectures, only wrote essays a few days before the deadline and only started revising the night before each exam. Fuck me, what would I get if I studied properly? I think I will from now on.

It’s reassuring to find out I still have a working brain.

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