Feminism. Discuss.

I am a feminist.

If feminists were called equalityforallregardlessofgenderists I think practically everyone would admit to being one. If instead people had to say ‘God, I hate equalityforallregardlessofgenderists! They’re so annoying’ or ‘Do we really need equalityforallregardlessofgenderism?’ they’d suddenly sound ignorant to most people.

BUT THAT’S WHAT FEMINISM IS! It’s not about supressing men because women are superior, it’s not about women being better than men and it’s certainly not a bunch of whiny women complaining about stuff that doesn’t matter. Let’s look at the definition.

advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

Equal to those of men. See? Anyone not doing that is doing feminism wrong. Saying that all feminists hate men is like saying all christians hate gays. It’s utter nonsense. (and if you think all christians hate gays then I guess that’s another post I’ll have to write…)

Surely EVERYONE should be a feminist because surely EVERYONE is for equality?

I know we can’t just rename feminism, and I know that there is a massive point to be made there about how if we rename it, it’s removing the visibility of women from the cause or ignoring the fact that in the fight for equality for all regardless of gender it is predominately women that have had to fight to gain equality.

I know that renaming it would speak volumes about how many people still feel towards women that they will only get on board with the idea of equality for women when the term for it is not named after them.

It’s just weird that there’s this stigma, it’s weird that men will hardly ever admit to being one, it’s weird that women sometimes shy away from the term, it’s weird that in my opening paragraph I used the word ‘admit’, like it’s something dirty, without a second thought until I re-read it (mmmm, semantics), EVERYTHING IS WEIRD THE WORLD IS SO STRANGE AND I HAVE BEEN READING TOO MANY STUPID OPINIONS OF VARIOUS PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET ALL NIGHT.

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